How organizations are using social media to solve problems, create opportunities

March 18, 2009

As Part of the Sledzik-Curran Social Media Project, we asked Jason Falls how clients at Doe-Anderson are using SM to advance their objectives. You may access all 11 clips at the YouTube site or link to them individually from this post. Just to warn you, the clips on the YouTube site are out of order thanks to some uploading snags.

Six of our 11 clips with Jason focus on cases. The clip embedded here highlights the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program — a social network that has online and face-to-face components. The Maker’s Mark program fosters a community of bourbon enthusiasts — so it certainly got my attention! Check it out.¬† (Run time: 3:47)

Other case studies under “Who Experiments with Social Media?”

Part 1: Almost every client is experimenting with SM (Run time 1:28)

Part 2: The National Center for Family Literacy  (Run time :59)

Part 3: B2B Connections for a Health Care Client (Run time 1:38)

Part 4: Social Media for Internal Communication (Run time 1:56)

Part 5: Knob Creek and the Whiskey Professors (Run time 1:06)

On these clips, Jason addresses other social media issues:

Social Media as a Listening Tool (Run time 2:07)

Measuring Social Media Outcomes Part 1 (Run time 2:01)

Measuring Social Media Outcomes Part 2 (Run time 4:14)

Relinquishing Control of the Message? (Run time 2:24)

Social Media in the Future (Run time 2:13)


Amanda Chapel’s first post was pure fiction

January 15, 2009

Strumpette co-creator Brian Connolly talks about Amanda’s first post, March 2006. The post was pure fiction and focused on the PR blogosphere’s biggest celebrity at the time, Steve Rubel. Run time (2:11)

Tuesday: Brian comments on the impact of social media on PR