Searching for lessons in Virginia Tech tragedy

April 19, 2007

fbpic.jpgThree times this week I labored to write a reflective post about the events at VT. But the words wouldn’t come. In one post I tried to examine VT’s crisis response. In another I attempted to review the long-term impact on VT and on other universities. I’ve decided not to publish any of it.

Forgive me, but I just can’t locate the teachable moment in this event. At least not yet.

I did take a lesson from my Facebook pals Stefanie and Kait, and I replaced my FB photo with the graphic you see here. Several times on this blog I’ve been critical of how students use and abuse Facebook. But last week, the social networking site became an important link for those at VT and elsewhere.

So maybe that’s the lesson you can take from this post — a lesson on how social media continue to bring us together. And if you’re a Kent State person with a Facebook page, copy this graphic and post it to your profile page.

Live bloggers offer inside views of VA Tech tragedy

April 16, 2007

It’s a somber day in Blacksburg, Virginia, and on college campuses across America. So don’t expect the usual levity at ToughSledding.

vt.jpgI taught two classes at Kent State today — one before learning of the shootings at Va. Tech, the other afterward. In that second class, PR Case Studies, we speculated on the impact this horrible tragedy might have. And we tried to imagine the grief of those left to mourn the dead.

Class ended early, and my students walked out of Taylor Hall onto the May 4th Memorial site. Here at Kent State, we know a little about campus tragedies. We lost 4. Tech lost 33. Read the rest of this entry »