Is it just me, or have PR blogs lost their wind?

February 4, 2008

enlarge_cph3c10697.jpgDo you feel it?

Me neither.

It’s sometimes as tough to sense inertia as it is to overcome it. But it’s happening here in the PR blogosphere. I just know it.

I didn’t think much about the lull in our conversations until Judy Gombita pointed it out last week. She’s right. There’s not much of substance in the online discussions of public relations, especially those focused on social media. And what IS going on seems, well, a bit stale and contrived. It has me longing for the days of the Edelman-Walmart scandal or the once-edgy essays of Strumpette.

Are we dead in the water? Have we lost our wind?

Here’s some evidence from my world: The most popular post on this blog over the past three days is the “About Me” page. My previous post — the one that shares advice on media relations from Web 2.0 influencer Tom Foremski — drew not a single comment and only 73 page visits, about 30% of normal for new posts.

By contrast, I built a page on my homeowners’ association blog this past Saturday to help neighbors sell their home. It drew 150+ visits.

Hey, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so. I scanned the feeder this past weekend to see if the inertia problem is more widespread.

Todd Defren, a guy I consider the most perceptive of the Web 2.0 practitioner-bloggers, wrote a post encouraging us to vote in the primaries. It’s a heartfelt message, but hardly a conversation starter.

Brian Solis yesterday tells readers that his “Social Media Manifesto” post is up for a SEMMY award as one of the year’s best blog posts. Hardly earth-shattering news, though it should drive up Brian’s page views as readers go back to check it out. I read it the first time. Read the rest of this entry »

Top blogger urges: Send your PR pitch via Facebook

January 31, 2008

I read Silicon Valley Watcher from time to time and I subscribe to it on my feeder. But had Tom Foremski not been my Facebook pal, I’d have missed his important message today — a message that tells PR folks how to get his attention.

I saw the post because Tom placed the link on his Facebook page. I visit FB 4-5 times daily; I check my feeder 4-5 times weekly.


Now let’s be clear. I may be Tom’s friend on Facebook, but we’ve never met nor have we spoken. We exchanged a couple of terse emails shortly after I “friended” him, which came after he joined my Facebook group, “PRSA Need Professional PR Help — NOW!” Tom found that Facebook group because I promoted it in this post, which also links to Tom’s now-classic essay, “Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!” That’s how it works in the tangled web of social media. You get used to it.

Tom’s headline sucked me in: “PR Pitches Through Facebook: I Have 37, 366 Unread Emails in Gmail…” Read the rest of this entry »