I’m the NRA, and I’ve had enough!

March 4, 2007

Relax. This isn’t a rant. It’s a two-pronged lesson in public relations brought to you by a group in which I hold a membership card. Arrgh!

Here’s hoping the NRA is among the 20% who regularly monitor blogs. It’ll save me sending a nasty email to complain about the group’s public relations “attack-tics.” This is one NRA member who’s had enough.

zumbo1.jpgWhat triggers my post today is the NRA’s recent attack on Jim Zumbo, long-time hunting writer and sportsman. I own two of Jim’s books and have benefited from his outdoor wisdom. But thanks to a “slip of the blog” and the swiftness of the pro-gun propaganda machine, Jim’s 40-year run may be over.

Jim’s misstep was a fairly innocent blog post that said sportsmen really don’t need weapons like the rapid-fire AR15 rifle to pop prairie dogs and other varmints. It just isn’t sporting, he said. But it was his unfortunate choice of words that sealed his fate. Read the rest of this entry »