Pucker up folks! May 5th is ‘National Make-Out Day’

April 30, 2007

Get ready for a community lip lock, kids. May 5 is “National Make-Out Day,” so we’ll be swapping spit across the land, no doubt adding a new dimension to Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Haven’t heard about National Make-Out Day? Then you need to associate with a better class of “friends” on Facebook. Two of my FB pals joined the group a few weeks back, and I expected more to follow after this post. But alas, someone wised up and took this fun little group offline. The killjoys! (“Make Out Day” lives.  See “update at the end of this post.)

makeout-copy.jpgNo, my friends who joined the group aren’t the pair disguised in this “official event photo” from the site. I suspect these two were operating on a dare from six horny college boys after a Beer Pong marathon. What were they thinking when they struck this pose? That’s a question I ask nearly every time I open Facebook. Read the rest of this entry »