The professor is back! PR lessons in today’s headlines

July 25, 2007

While hardcore denizens of Web 2.0 love to diss the mainstream media, I’m thanking the founding fathers for my morning newspaper today. Blogs and social networks are great places to discuss news, but few of us have the resources or expertise to actually report it.

So let’s have a discussion today as I review some headlines and discuss their implications for public relations.

iphone.jpgThe disappointing iPhone. AT&T said it’s disappointed in consumer response to the iPhone. Seems the company expected a half million sign-ups for its service in the first weekend and got fewer than 150,000. Apple stock fell 6.1% yesterday following the news.

Were AT&T’s projections pie-in-the-sky? Or did consumers reject the iPhone precisely because of Apple’s exclusive arrangement with AT&T? That’s why I don’t have one. My contract with another carrier extends into 2008. I’d buy an iPhone in a heartbeat if Apple hadn’t limited my choice of carriers. Now stir in the negative reviews for AT&T’s wireless broadband from the likes of Pogue and Mossberg and Apple’s toy loses even more of its luster. Read the rest of this entry »