One PR man’s sordid affair with Amanda Chapel

October 16, 2007

Update: In case you haven’t heard, the next iteration of Strumpette is in the works. It’s called Furthermore. The evolution will be interesting.


A few online friends have asked for the “real story” of my no-so-secret love affair with Amanda Chapel, aka, Strumpette. Most of those calling me out are devotees of Web 2.0 – a PR practice niche we’ve all celebrated in our blogs. Since Amanda rejects the use of unmediated communication in PR, many can’t accept my fascination with this anonymous, potty-mouthed vixen — the very one who last week signed off the blogosphere for good.

Here’s my confession – for the record.

amanda.jpgStrumpette delivered a critical and seldom-heard take on the PR business. We needed it. But many couldn’t accept the message thanks to Amanda’s, er, unorthodox style. Unlike most bloggers, Amanda didn’t “converse” with us about her views. She spewed them, sometimes in venomous fashion, and she couched them in satire that many found offensive. But if you read Strumpette as the “Theatre of Amanda,” as I did, you chuckled and you moved on. Amanda loved opponents who locked horns with her, and she ate most of them for lunch. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m off the grid until 8/20 — so read a book

August 9, 2007

cavepic.jpgYeah, I’m checking out again — this time for at least a week. The MacBook stays in Ohio as we head off for a 5-day kayaking adventure in the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior. That means I won’t be reading email or approving comments, but don’t let it stop you from sending or posting. I’ll also be out of cell phone range most of the week. Nice, eh?

I’ll post pics on Flickr when I return.

Summer reading. Had hoped to share impressions on my summer reading, some of it interesting, some not. But I ran outta daylight. Here are the I-mean-business books I’ve read so far, with links to reviews that are way more intelligent than anything I could say! One book has no link, since I didn’t find a worthwhile review. Read the rest of this entry »