ToughSledding has moved…

…to its own URL and to the platform.

You’ll find us here:

Now comes the hard part…finding a new look and exploring all the features using WordPress on your own server.

I’m gonna need more coffee.

(Photo by Matthew W. Jackson, via Flickr/Creative Commons.)

3 Responses to ToughSledding has moved…

  1. @collentine says:

    Your feed on the new site is broken. Still points back to feed. I’m assuming you’re working on changing a lot right now but the feed is a good thing to prioritize.

    Manual adding of blog to Google reader says this: does not provide a feed. We can create a feed for you, notifying you when the content on the page updates. Learn More

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    We’re getting there, one issue at a time. I don’t speak the language, so I’m letting our techs work it out. Thanks for the response.

  3. becky says:

    Not sure if you will get this..but after reading the blogs..I realize I live in the real world and not where your bloggers are coming from…you do the research and get the stats but do any of you actually work with the public ? I deal with the public and also with the stats my company says should be attainable on a daily basis.good lord I would love to see a study that was actually created by someone that at least spent a week in the field of whatever retail area they were studying..your talk is great and I’ve been there , done that..make it as academic as you doesn’t apply..Cmon guys…get real ,check it out…quit living in that ivory tower..its fun to debate but its not real life..


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