Back in balmy Ohio

Ham Lake Trail, about 40 miles north of Grand Marais, Minn. (1/6/10)

Regular visitors here know that my favorite time of year is when I’m offline and in the woods. It’s even better when my favorite lady comes along, as she does on most trips when I’m not shooting at God’s creatures.

Sharon and I spent much of last week on the two-lane highway you see in this picture. It’s called Ham Lake Trail, and it’s situated just south of the high cliffs above Gunflint Lake in northeast Minnesota. No tough sledding here, just beautifully groomed Nordic ski trails that only a few hearty soles dared tread during last week’s record cold snap.

Most of our mornings began around -12F and slowly moved up into the positive single digits. Overnight lows went to -30F. But I didn’t feel the chill — not once.

Food, lodging and hospitality at the Gunflint Lodge were top notch, and the off-season rates fantastic. Still, most of you might do better visiting this place in July or August — when they’re not driving Chevy pickups across the lake! For you romantics, let me recommend Cabin #4 #5 or #6.

I’m not ready for any serious blogging yet, as the snow is flying in NEOhio and the trails around Sandy Lake are calling me out. Classes don’t start for another week, so I figure on doin’ the carpe diem thing as long as I can.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and others who are still sending the link around Twitter. Until we meet again, stay chilly, my friends.

I’ve posted some photos from the trip on my Facebook page. Regarding Facebook, I’m happy to connect with anyone who’s at least half sane.


3 Responses to Back in balmy Ohio

  1. Bill Huey says:

    So, how was the fishing? Interesting looking place, and I’ve added it to my “Fishing” bookmarks.
    How the hell do you get there?

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    I don’t fish when it requires an ice auger. And when it’s -10F, you want to keep moving. Getting there? No easy task. We flew to MSP then drove 6 hours. Option is to fly to Duluth and drive just 3 hours. That’s why they call it the Northwoods! Am told fishing is awesome, but I’d much rather ski.

  3. I have something similar. For the past week it has been in low to mid 70s. P F Chang Rock & Roll race, Barrett Jackson auto sales, what is now called the Waste Management Open (without Tiger Woods), Blues Blast – first N. Am. outdoor music festival of the year, renaissance festival, MLB spring training, NASCAR, some wrestling event and annual Arizona Cardinals going to the Super Bowl game watching. I LOVE living in the desert. Makes up for when it’s as hot as a Pizza Hut oven (also a dry heat).

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