PRSA Day One

I landed in San Diego about 11 a.m. yesterday, but didn’t have the time or the access to alert my Twitter friends or my ToughSledding readers. I’m sure you all survived my absence 🙂

Everyone is raving about this beautiful city on the bay and its perpetual 72-degree weather. Me? I don’t get it. On Saturday, back in Ohio, we celebrated the end of fall by raking our leaves, then taking a barefoot kayak tour around Sandy Lake and its feeder canal. But here’s the big difference: In San Diego, $250K doesn’t by your squat. In Northeast Ohio, it gets you 2,600 square feet on a private lake.

Okay, I know I won’t be paddling the kayak come January. But I will be skiing the trail around Sandy and celebrating the change of seasons. Like I said, I don’t get California. Let it snow.

In the PRSA conference center, I’ve connected with two PRKent grads and had a great chat with Jack O’Dwyer – PRSA’s staunchest critic – and some will say – its only media watchdog. I know the leadership of PRSA thinks Jack is awfully biased in his coverage. And at times I agree. But I’m glad someone’s out there watching the hen house.

Also met and chatted with my online pal Jason Kintzler, founder and CEO of PitchEngine, the social-media news-release platform that I wrote about here. Jason told me about some exciting new services coming soon, and I’m happy to offer a plug. You may recall I talked about the SMR a few posts back.

I’ve decided that since the conference hall has no wifi that I’ll do my posting here on the “real” blog. It’s be tough to keep up with Posterous and Twitter without instant access. So much for the immediacy of blogging, eh?


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