How I spent my unplugged vacation getting reconnected

Sometime on Thursday, July 30, my watch stopped dead. It was a sign.

I was leaving for a West Coast vacation the following day, and someone was telling me that time would be irrelevant for the next 2 weeks.

Dancing on the beach in Mendocino, CA

Dancing on the beach in Mendocino, CA

Instead of rushing to buy a new battery, I opted to leave my watch and the laptop at home. I also vowed not to go online for 2 weeks, and swore off newspapers, radio broadcasts and television, too. It would be my first long disconnect from things digital since I started this social-media experiment 3 years ago. And it felt right.

OK, I really wanted to tweet my followers a few times, but only to gloat about my situation.

  • Sipping Cabernet on Monterey Bay with the love of my life.
  • Watching a 6 x 6 bull elk grazing at Gold Bluffs Beach.
  • Camping among the redwoods at Elk Prairie.

elkBut that would have been cruel, since most of you were slaving away at your desks, working on a case of carpel tunnel. Besides, I don’t care what you’re doing on vacation. Why should I subject you to mine?

My anxious withdrawal from the digital world never happened. And by the time I hit SFO, I had stepped into 2006, a time before Web 2.0 took over my life. I spent 24 hours a day reconnecting with my bride, and also with the head of my religion, a lady named Mother Nature.

We strolled the redwood groves, sampled the wines in Napa and Sonoma, cycled along Monterey Bay and explored the ruins of Jack London’s dream house in Glen Ellen.

I never felt more connected.

So the next time you’re feeling a little too wired, let me recommend heading for the beach at Mendocino, getting silly drunk and dancing up a storm around a beach fire. No one cares if you get silly in California. It’s sort of expected.

7 Responses to How I spent my unplugged vacation getting reconnected

  1. Rob Jewell says:

    Welcome back. And in a few weeks when you are bogged (blogged?) down with the demands of another semester, take a minute and read your post again. It will help to restore a sense of calm — and perspective. We can all use some of that from time to time.

  2. Blair Boone says:

    Welcome back. You two sure know how to take a vacation. Very nice.

  3. Chuck Hemann says:

    Hey Bill – good to see you back. I’ve been to the Monterey area a couple of times and I know how restorative it can be. One of the best aquariums in the world is in “downtown” Monterey. Have you been or did you visit this time?

  4. Bill Sledzik says:

    We did visit the aquarium. Got some cool pics of the jellyfish. On the other hand, you gotta deal with the Pebble Beach/Porche crowd. They don’t “get” me.

  5. Chuck Hemann says:

    This just in…they don’t get anyone but themselves.

  6. Leah Koyiet says:

    Bienvenue!! I see your vacation was great.While we are slaving away on our desks. Nice of you!! Good to see you back.

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