Social Media “101” video available at KSU-Tube

If you teach an introductory course in mass or social media, or if you’re trying educate laggard clients, this video may help. You can watch the video on the Kent State server, or download your own copy here at the Kent State video server. Run time is about 24 minutes.

videoScreenShotWhat you’ll see

Regular readers here know that the Sledzik-Curran Social Media project included video interviews with some leaders in PR/Marketing social media space. Those segments ran on this site between January and March of 2009. The most popular clips featured social media critic and Strumpette creator Brian Connolly. (He’s in this one, too.)

My partner on this project, Andy Curran, has packaged a number of the clips and added slides, B-roll and narration. The video is a quick lesson on the impact of social media on business and education, and one we think some educators will find it a useful classroom supplement. If you’re immersed in SM, you might find the content a tad elementary. But it’s a teaching tool designed to frame discussion at the “101” level.

Featured in “Comm-You-nication 101,” are:

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