Gomes offers advice to students — and the rest of us

Classic portrait of Phil Gomes from Phil's Blogservations

Classic portrait of Phil Gomes from Phil's Blogservations

Phil Gomes is a social-media denizen to the core.

How do I know?

Late last week, Phil dropped me an email to say thanks for including him in Sledzik-Curran Social Media Project. This was before I knew Andy had posted the clips to YouTube, and before I’d prepared this post to promote them. What can I say? I’m 55 and no longer move at digital speed.

Phil has his ear on the digital world 24-7 — constantly monitoring the landscape. Social media, he says, invigorated his career and “kept him in PR.”

I went into this interview determined to extract some nuts-n-bolts advice for students, and Phil was happy to oblige. In addition to his work as a social-media-training guru, the SVP at Edelman Digital also contributes to the popular PROpenMic and is a frequent guest speaker and presenter.  You can tell that working with students means a lot to him.

Since Phil is widely known as “PR’s first blogger,” it made sense to open by asking how it all started in 2001.That’s the first screen. The second embedded video includes Phil’s comments on how students can use social media to enhance their careers.

Here are links to 3 more clips:

Where it all began: Phil’s Blogservations

How can students use social media to build their careers?

Where do we go from here?

This post wraps up our video series with some key players in PR and social media. It started rolling back in January with the controversial Brian Connolly, co-creator of Strumpette. Then we gave you clips with prominent PR bloggers Kevin Dugan, Jason Falls, and finally, Phil Gomes.  It doesn’t end here. At Kent State, we’re using the clips in our PR lessons and Andy will soon be doing the same at UC-Clermont. We hope other educators find the material useful. It’s all available on YouTube.

Andy and I did three more interviews with folks who are using social media in education and in broadcasting. But since they don’t relate directly to PR, I probably won’t post them here. They’ll be available soon enough at the YouTube site.

So where we DO we go from here?  Give me the weekend to think about it. I’ll let you know.


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