Strumpette series: The final week

amandachapelWhat were you thinking?

That’s a question I’ve fielded quite a few times since launching our video series with Strumpette’s Brian Connolly.

How could you offer a forum to something so — so unsocial media? One person even called her/him/it “evil.”

I answered their question in the comments of this post, but since I’m not sure anyone reads blogs or comments much these days, let me recap it:

The Strumpette interviews featuring Brian Connolly grew from simple academic curiosity. I followed the blog in its heyday, and I found it an engaging sideshow in the circus of social media. And yes, I even came to its defense at times.

So when Brian agreed to do the series, my partner and I jumped in the car and lit out for Chicago. We produced a series that we consider serious inquiry into a bona fide Web 2.0 phenomenon. Apparently, you found it interesting, since my traffic (meager as it is) on days when Brian appeared rose about 150%.

What’s next? We’re wrapping the series a week early by combining 6 short clips into one. We decided that Brian’s “Six Fallacies of Social Media” simply work better as a single piece. Run time is about 8 minutes.

So here’s the week in preview:

  • Jan 26: Do Social Media Devalue Expertise?
  • Jan 27: The Great Cluetrain Wreck
  • Jan 28: The 6 Fallacies of Social Media
  • Jan 29: Strumpette – A Self Analysis

The Sledzik-Curran Social Media Project continues in the weeks ahead as we post interview clips from prominent bloggers Jason Falls, Phil Gomes and Kevin Dugan. Yeah, our series had a Midwestern slant, but gas was nearly $4 a gallon when we shot this stuff, and Kent State wasn’t covering the tab!

We’re hoping other educators and students will benefit from the upcoming interviews, which were designed as educational tools. Details next week.

Not all SM critics are as nasty as Amanda

A lot of folks hated the Amanda Chapel character because of her nasty disposition. But not all social-media satirists take such a slash-and-burn approach. One example is the cartoonist known as Guhmshoo, who says he laughs with the leaders of SM, not at them. Perhaps that’s why so many prominent bloggers have linked to Guhmshoo’s site and RT his posts on Twitter.

Hmmm. They haven’t done that with the Strumpette series here, but I promise not to pout. šŸ˜¦

A sample. In this cartoon, Guhmshoo spoofs a couple of prominent bloggers while poking fun at the twitter/ning community called twit2fit.



5 Responses to Strumpette series: The final week

  1. Judy Gombita says:

    I think the series so far is quite fascinating and that you are adding some “critical thinking” to the body of knowledge (academic and practitioner) about social media. And for those who disagree, I say stop spending so much time dissing the medium (i.e., the Strumpette machine) and throw back some counter-arguments (backed up by fact) about the message(s). What can I say; had to work some Canuck into this comment, eh?

    In terms of criticisms, I’ll publicly say the same thing to you online that I have offline. I’m not concerned about the mid-Western slant in your lineup, but I am troubled that only one gender is represented in this video series of “subject expertise.” (You should have travelled to Pennsylvania to interview phenom naked chick, no?)

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    Can’t argue with you, Judy. Though I have to say, you can’t have nearly as much fun at a Phillies game as you can in the bleaches at Wrigley on a Friday afternoon.

    The “naked chick” that Judy refers to is Jennifer Mattern, author of the once-popular blog “Naked PR.” Jenn presented some excellent essays critical of the rabid social media promoters. Jenn stopped posting at Naked PR about the time most folks stopped reading blogs. Hmmm.

  3. David says:

    Wow! As a Chicago native I must tell you that you have really been taken in by the Cubs PR machine. Don’t be fooled by the age of the structure. The beer is just as cold and friends just as fun in Chicago, Cleveland,Philly, Detroit and on and on. Maybe you’re just a nostalgic romantic. One thing is for sure, as a long time idiot Cubs fan, I must say the Phillies have had better success post season historically then the Cubs. Obviously, the glass is half empty for this fan before the first pitch is even thrown this year.

  4. Jennifer wrote some of the best, insightful, constructive criticism on the wholesale, no-questions-asked adoption of social media.

    I miss her commentary, but like what you are doing here. A quick plug for my boss–Chip Griffin has also posed some very pointed questions about the lack of balance in social media advocacy.

    Thanks Bill!


  5. mediatide says:


    Respectfully…I’m a diehard Mets fan. a native New Yorker who has never lived in Chicago. I do have a sister whom I visit occasionally. I don’t love or hate the Cubs. So the next statement is without baseball bias.

    I’ve been to baseball games in enough places that I can honestly say that no basball experience beats Wrigley’s bleachers on a warm Friday afternoon, Old Style and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, Murphy’s before and after the game…Man, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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