Creating the Beast: Background on Strumpette

cropamandaIn segment #2, co-creator Brian Connolly explains the rationale behind the Strumpette blog, a site that used social media to criticize social media. That irony underscores the satire. (Run time: 2:21)

Links to sites/people mentioned in this post: Wonkette.

Tomorrow: Inside the Personality of Amanda Chapel


6 Responses to Creating the Beast: Background on Strumpette

  1. David Gilmartin says:

    Double yawn. When does Brian put on ‘Amanda’s’ undies for us?
    Line that makes the least sense: “I can through up a blog in about 20 minutes if I take some time”[??? How about taking 20 freaking minutes of time]

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    Sorry to disappoint you again, David. I’ll ask Brian to work harder tomorrow.

    As for the line that “makes the least sense,” I’m afraid I have to nominate the one in your comment. I’m not following: “through up a blog”???

  3. mediatide says:

    It’s gets better David. We promise.

  4. David,

    Two things:

    1. The quote you have taken issue with was me being flip. I typically tell clients, “We can throw up a site in 20 minutes; that’s accounting for several cigarette breaks.” I was being facetious. The literal translation means that we work fast.

    2. I indeed have been known to wear Vikki’s panties, i.e. on my head. Personally, I wear them to the side like a tam. I think worn straight on with one’s ears out the side, looks goofy. But that’s just me.

    I hope that clears things up.

    Kind regards,

    Brian Connolly

  5. jon burg says:

    Wow, this is going to be interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. David Gilmartin says:

    UGH! THROW vrs THROUGH.. happens when you only have a high school equivalency degree .. sorry we all can’t attend Kent State.

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