2009: A year of thin ice

geeseI awoke this morning to the honking of Canada geese outside my window. The seaweed, a primary food source for these birds, was obscured by the overnight freeze. There’ll be no easy meal for these critters, maybe not until spring.

Thin ice seems an appropriate metaphor for these turbulent economic times — the worst ever of my 55 years. The future worries me less than some. Higher education tends to do well in economic downturns, as it’s a great alternative to unemployment. And since I’m the senior member of the PR track at Kent State, I’ll be the last to go if things get really ugly.

My CPA/tax manager wife should be OK, too. You know what they say about the certainty of death and taxes. For accountants and undertakers it’s called job security.

So on this frosty morning in Northeast Ohio, I’ve decided to set aside the doom and gloom of today’s headlines and to simply count my blessings. As we celebrate the passing of this kidney stone of a year, I hope you’ll do that same.

For those who visit this site regularly, thanks for hangin’ in there with me. The next post is just around the corner — in a new year that promises to be, well, I wish I knew.


3 Responses to 2009: A year of thin ice

  1. Happy Holidays, Bill

    Add the Glove Guru’s to the fortunate few list. That ice has sure helped our business this year. Thanks for your tips, too.

    Thanks, Joe

  2. John Kerezy says:

    Happy New Year Bill. No doubt that 2009 will bring about more uncertainty than any year since I took my first job as a junior-level college PR officer in 1978. Let’s hope that 365 days from now, we’re looking back and saying that 2009 was better than 2008.

  3. Could be worse. In my world, the geese have a lot more to worry about than just slipping through the ice.

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