The teaching job at Kent State is officially posted…

…so pass the word, OK?

I’m trying something a bit different this time — a job blog for PRKent.

picture-11Why a blog?  Because it’s so easy, and I don’t need any geeks to give me server space or to figure out why my links don’t work. If you want to learn about the teaching job at Kent State, or if you want to apply, just click here.

Truth in advertising. A good friend in the ad biz thinks I may be overselling the benefits of this job in the original post — you know, the June, July and August time off and the funded pension. Maybe he’s right.

Our faculty at Kent JMC get along exceptionally well compared to most academic cultures. But we also work our butts off, grading papers on weekends and answering emails at odd hours — even tweeting with faithful alumni. Seems like it never ends — at least until May 15!

I’ll warn you: If you’re looking for 9-to-5, this isn’t the job for you. For the 9 months you’re on contract, it’s full-time and then some. But if you love the idea of helping young PR professionals get off to a flying start, I hope you’ll consider joining us.

Oh yeah. The goofy guy in the black hood?  He’s chairing the search committee. Humor him.


One Response to The teaching job at Kent State is officially posted…

  1. Breeze says:

    Like we need to be told to humor you, Bill. 😉

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