The 4 Fs of Thanksgiving and the “Meatballs Mantra”

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for more than 20 years — a time when I savor the 4 Fs: family, friends, food and firearms.

Don’t get your shorts in a knot, OK? If you’re a regular at ToughSledding, you know I’m a hunter1hunter. And it so happens that the Monday following Thanksgiving is Opening Day of the deer season where I come from. I talked about it at last year, so if you’re so moved, visit my “million deer post.” Not much has changed.

Because my tree stand has no wi-fi (and Blackberries are the devil’s work), I won’t be doing much online for the next week. If you post a comment, be patient. Ditto for email. I’m goin’ off the grid effective 3 p.m. tomorrow for about a week.


PRSA and the Meatballs Mantra. It appears that my campaign to access the PRSA National Assembly transcripts has failed. File it under the “Meatballs Mantra.” It just doesn’t matter.

In the end, no one really cares what’s in those transcripts — except maybe journalist Jack O’Dwyer. And it’s pretty clear he isn’t gonna see them anytime soon. I find a transparency issue here, PRSA does not. But it’s Thanksgiving, my friends, and it just doesn’t matter.

For the record, I have twice requested a copy of the transcripts, but my emails have gone unanswered. If PRSA decides to send me the transcripts, I’ll post them here. If not? Well, it just doesn’t matter.

PRSA's Bill Murray

PRSA's Bill Murray

I suspect PRSA prez Bill Murray PRSA would agree with “Meatballs” star Bill Murray, about such petty politics. It just doesn’t matter!

Although we disagreed this past week — on the blog and on Twitter —  the PRSA folks I dealt with turned out to be pretty good sports about the whole thing, especially VP of PR, Arthur Yann. I head to the woods this year feeling, for the first time in a long time, that the PR office at PRSA is in capable hands. Nothing wrong with civil people disagreeing. In fact, it’s healthy.pghlogo

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Mr. Yann is a Steelers fan. Makes up for a lot. Give him a shout on Twitter @arthury.

Post Script: Just noticed that my “Meatballs” post of April 9, 2007, has the second highest readership among the 230+ essays on this blog. Not sure what that says about me, or about social media. Maybe it just doesn’t matter! But can you believe Murray didn’t get an Oscar for this? Turkeys!


2 Responses to The 4 Fs of Thanksgiving and the “Meatballs Mantra”

  1. Bill Huey says:

    It doesn’t matter whether PRSA makes transcripts available because PRSA doesn’t matter. I’m not sure it ever did, even though I was a member for 30 years.
    BTW, how did you get that deer to pose with you like that?

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    Sorry it took so long to respond, Bill. I’ve been at deer camp.

    I do hope you’re wrong about PRSA, as I got a great deal from my time in the organization. I don’t benefit all that much today, but my students make the most of the contacts via PRSSA.

    Your question about the deer reminds me that I ‘ll face the big question when I return to the office today for an event. “Did you catch anything?”

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