I’m back…but not all the way

Returned this week from a two-week respite (It was more like a workout!) in Maine, but I won’t ever be all the way back. Hiking, biking and kayaking along with a heavy dose of lobster and blueberries can make a guy lust for retirement. The Maine trip was part of a month on the road and followed a whirlwind tour through the Midwest to chat with some leaders in the social media world.  We captured their thoughts on video.  Now we gotta edit.  Arrrgh.

Paddling in the fog in Muscongus Bay, Maine. Tell me you'd rather be blogging!

I doubt you’re interested in my tales of hiking and biking in Acadia National Park.  Could tell you about paddling and camping in Muscongus Bay with guide extraordinaire, Alvah Maloney (Maine Kayak), but you’d only get jealous.  If the leisure side of my trip interests to you, check my Flickr page (Part I and Part II). And if you want to paddle Maine, call Alvah.

The business side of this trip (way back in August) involved on-camera interviews with a handful of PR/social media luminaries.  I, along with longtime friend and colleague Andy Curran, began our fear-and-loathing trip in Cincinnati with Kevin Dugan (Strategic PR and Bad Pitch Blog), then moved on to Louisville to meet Jason Falls (Social Media Explorer).  Our trip north to Chicago brought meetings with PR’s first blogger, Edelman VP Phil Gomes (Phil’s Blogservations) and Brian Connolly, technical director for Furthermore and co-creator of the once infamous Strumpette blog. Our tour also included visits with Matt Shiv, music director at WOXY.com (“The future of rock-n-roll”) and Professor Steve Jacobs at Rochester Institute of Technology.  Oh yeah, there was a stop in Buffalo for Duff’s chicken wings — best in the world.

Real bloggers post clips the day they record them, but I don’t care for the slap-it-up, YouTube style. Besides, I really suck at video editing. So you’ll have to wait for the polished version, once Andy and I get it together. (If nothing else, two weeks in Maine taught me how to live without the immediacy of online. And I think my wife appreciated it, too.)

Wrigley has "Style."

The trip included a face-to-face experience with one of Chicago’s great social networks: the bleachers at Wrigley on Friday afternoon.  A baseball game with the “bleacher bums” seems more like a frat party than a sporting event, and it’s one social network you can’t experience online. I mean, how can you drink a virtual Old Style or throw an opponent’s virtual homer back into the field? Not sure who won the game or even who the Cubs played. Does it matter?

I promise my next post to this site will be the one I’ve been promoting for over a month: Symmetrical PR Meets the Cluetrain Manifesto.  Back to business, eh? Damn!

6 Responses to I’m back…but not all the way

  1. Hey Bill, glad you’re enjoying your rest and relaxation. My nose is to the grindstone. I have two “Writing for Public Relations” courses this semester, with 19 and 15 students. I’m also teaching “Mass Communication and Society” to 250 of my new best friends. It’s like doing an arena show one day, then an acoustic set the next.

    But, boy, do I love teaching!

    We’re all looking forward to your next post.

    Talk soon,

  2. Kevin Dugan says:

    It was great to finally meet you in person. But I think I would have rather hung out with you in Maine. Hoping your editing skills make me sound cogent.

    Did you make the Kent Ethics event? It turns out another Kent alum works across the street from me at The Enqujirer. @mjenkins She tells me she did not have you for any classes though.

    Welcome back – almost.

  3. Bill Sledzik says:

    Hey, Kevin, Maine has nothing on Cincinnati save mountains, ocean, lobster, clean rivers and low humidity. Other than that they’re pretty similar. Have not yet viewed the video. Andy has, and he says your segment looks good. Editing, as always, is the real pain in the arse.

    Oh, and thanks again for the Donato’s. Hard to find here in Portage Co., Ohio.

  4. Enigma says:

    Whew – I’ll bet the time spent with Connolly had to have been *interesting*…

  5. Bill Sledzik says:

    Very interesting. And I hope to post the results of that very soon. Was caught up in other stuff and neglected the editing. Watch this space.

  6. Enigma says:

    Heh – “Very Interesting” I’ll bet, especially considering Brian’s long and well-documented penchant for “stirring the pot” (to put it nicely). LOL Looking forward to it, Bill.

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