When you reach a milestone, reward yourself

Mark your calendar. April 18, 2008. My 200th post on ToughSledding, and my last for a few weeks — a little blog vacation that can’t wait a day longer.

Back on Feb. 4 I said the PR blogsphere had “lost its wind.” Turns out I have, too. So I’m signing off until May 10. A that point I’ll reassess things to see if the vacation should continue. It is spring, after all, and the bass are rising.

I’ll be back. I just need to step back and see if this still makes sense to me.


10 Responses to When you reach a milestone, reward yourself

  1. Stacy Wessels says:

    It’s all about finals, eh? Ditto.

  2. You better be back, or we’ll drag you back! 😉

  3. Bill Sledzik says:

    OK, sure. Now you’ll tell me my students would miss me, right?

    Truth be known, the kids miss you — a lot. Several students in our class that explores social media asked me what was up with that Naked chick. They feed off your attitude, Jenn. We all do. I simply told them you’re are smarter than most bloggers, so you shut it down for a while to do sensible things like make money and enjoy life.

    Now I see a comeback announcement. Hmm. I’ll let you go first. But I’ll be back soon, too. Just gimme time.

  4. Martin says:

    Bass are more important. Big mouths hide deep and you have to troll to catch them. Actually it sounds like the PR world. 🙂

    Have fun Bill. We will miss you. Hope it’s a short break.

  5. lol “That Naked chick”… I love that.

    I guess my “smarts” wore off. 😉 Actually, like I just told Judy, I think a part of it is that I’ve been utterly bored. If other bloggers aren’t going to amuse me, I guess I have to do it myself. lol I just hope the overall Spring lull lets up soon. Maybe I’ll need to pick a few fights or something. lol j/k

  6. markmazz says:

    Bill, I’m disappointed that you are taking a break, but I understand why. Sometimes you have to take a break and recharge. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, as far back as when you started pimping it to my PR Case Studies class. Even when I didn’t have you nagging me to post for my own blog in the Online PR class, I’ve always liked checking in to see your take on things.

    I think the main reason I’ve always checked back is the honesty your blog contains. Maybe it comes with being a veteran of the profession and having job security as a professor. I know that sometimes it’s hard for me to be completely honest and open when I could potentially lose so much from a future employer judging me too harshly.

    But for whatever reason, you seem to stay honest even when it could hurt you and your career. Criticizing (fairly, of course) the administration, Mr. Lefton and PRSA are the first few items that come to mind. And I really respect that you’re willing to put yourself out there for what you believe in.

    I think that’s what blogging is all about – being honest and saying something that people might not want to hear, especially when you really believe in it and understand what you’re talking about.

    I hope you enjoy the break and continue blogging when your hiatus is done. I know I plan to keep up on my own and I’m sure I’ll be checking back on yours.

  7. Stacy Rhea says:

    I am a bit surprised. Your passion for the blogosphere comes through loud and clear in class.
    I hope you will be back, at least by the fall.

    We all need a break from time-to-time to recharge. Chasing another passion, fishing, for the summer will help.

    I agree with Mark. I find myself reading through your blog, often, for the honesty and perspective you bring to each subject.

    You have ignited my passion for the blogosphere. I plan on writing throughout the summer.

  8. April Samuelson says:

    I’m actually really disappointed that you took a break before our own local Chipotle food poisoning scandal. I really would have loved to see how you interpreted how the company handled it.

  9. Bill Sledzik says:


    On three different occasions, I nearly shortened my blog vacation. One was the Chipotle food poisoning crisis, which was poorly handled by the chain and cried out for some criticism from a PR pro. Second is a new anti-flextime policy about the be implemented at Kent State — a policy that has me wondering if Firesign Theatre’s classic was named for those who run HR at my university (I will write about this one, I will, I will.) The third is simply that I miss writing this stuff and being a total smartass in the process. It’s way more fun that reading student projects, and far less painful than watching the Indians try to hit the baseball.

  10. “I miss writing this stuff and being a total smartass in the process.”

    I hear that Bill! lol 🙂

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