A reason to celebrate PR: We’re in the money!

Geez! How did I miss this one?

According to Rachel Zupek, a writer at careerbuilder.com, “public relations manager” ranks among the Top 20 jobs with the highest salary growth in the past year. I knew there was a reason to be optimistic about this business (yesterday’s post notwithstanding).

careerbuilder_logo.jpgHow reliable is this survey? That’s anyone’s guess, as there’s no detail about methodology. Could be like so much of the research we see today — a come on to grab our attention and pull in our clicks. It worked!

Yes, my friends, according the study, the top U.S. earners with the title of “PR manger”  earn $96,720 while the average salary is $72,132. So when you go home tonight, have some champagne and celebrate our collective career success.

You know, I spent most of my practitioner years at the PR manager level or higher. If you want my opinion, we’re workin’ way too cheap!

Thanks to PRKent senior April Samuelson for the link!


3 Responses to A reason to celebrate PR: We’re in the money!

  1. Rich says:

    Thanks, Bill. Perfect timing for this month’s review and appraisal!! 😉


  2. T Sweeney says:

    That salary must be for those working in the for-profit sector. We who toil in higher ed PR management will be heading home to drink our Two-Buck Chuck … or perhaps to cry in our beer.

  3. Bill Sledzik says:

    I hope it helps, Rich. Hit ’em up for a 15% raise. You’ve earned it.

    And buck up, Tracie. We may not make as much laboring in the world of higher education, but the nonsensical management decisions and bloated bureaucracy are more amusing than a circus sideshow, provided you’ve had a few bottles of Two-Buck Chuck.

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