Top blogger urges: Send your PR pitch via Facebook

I read Silicon Valley Watcher from time to time and I subscribe to it on my feeder. But had Tom Foremski not been my Facebook pal, I’d have missed his important message today — a message that tells PR folks how to get his attention.

I saw the post because Tom placed the link on his Facebook page. I visit FB 4-5 times daily; I check my feeder 4-5 times weekly.


Now let’s be clear. I may be Tom’s friend on Facebook, but we’ve never met nor have we spoken. We exchanged a couple of terse emails shortly after I “friended” him, which came after he joined my Facebook group, “PRSA Need Professional PR Help — NOW!” Tom found that Facebook group because I promoted it in this post, which also links to Tom’s now-classic essay, “Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!” That’s how it works in the tangled web of social media. You get used to it.

Tom’s headline sucked me in: “PR Pitches Through Facebook: I Have 37, 366 Unread Emails in Gmail…”

I’ve heard of spam, but that’s insane. Tom insists his bulging inbox isn’t loaded with spam but with pitches from PR types and others trying to curry favor with his influential blog. He said he’s doing his best to get back to all of you, but it’ll take some time!

Welcome to the modern world of media relations, where technology enables any nitwit with a computer to pitch an idea to thousands and to overwhelm the gatekeepers in the process. Little wonder they’ve begun to ignore us, or in the case of Chris Anderson, to lash out at us. We’ve earned their wrath — or in Tom’s case, his indifference.

I follow Tom’s feeds closely, as he’s as close to a “celebrity” friend as I have on Facebook. When Tom joins a group, I check it out. When he posts an intriguing link to SVW, I follow it. He’s an influencer in Web 2.0, and I’m betting I can learn from him.

So you want to pitch Tom Foremski? Start by friending him on Facebook, he says. Tom figures anyone who makes the effort to follow his Facebook feeds will get to know a bit about him and about stories that interest him.

Says Tom:

…only the people that read me and are interested in my work will know about my Facebook PR pitch preference and those are the people that I would rather work with anyway.

Now that you have the inside track to SVW, make sure you also have a good story to pitch. Most people don’t.

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