There’s another blogger at Kent State, and he’s making me look bad!

I was a little surprised when Rob Jewell dropped me a note last week asking me to check out his blog. Has he finally done it? Has he finally jumped into the blogosphere to share his PR wisdom with the rest of us?

He has, and you will find him at “PR On The Run.” Drop in and say hello.


Rob has posted six times in five days, each a thoughtful essay on some aspect of the PR business, most of them fomented during his early morning runs. His passion for the business is evident in every post.

At Kent State, we’ve known Rob for a long time. He earned his bachelor’s degree before Kent State was a national symbol of the the antiwar movement and while Hall of Fame linebacker Jack Lambert was still at Crestwood High School. A master’s degree came later — during the Carter administration, if memory serves.

Rob spent his first career, all 29 years of it, with the BFGoodrich Co. in Akron, Ohio. He started his second life as teacher and student mentor at Kent State, in 2003. I’m happy to say that after 40+ years in Northeast Ohio, he remains an unapologetic Steelers fan.

rob_jewell05.jpgYou can read Rob’s profile here. But that profile won’t tell you is what an energetic teacher and coach he is. You can read about that here.

Good luck with the blog, Rob. Since you’re a distance runner, I probably don’t have to say this, but I will: Pace yourself!


One Response to There’s another blogger at Kent State, and he’s making me look bad!

  1. prontherun says:


    Thanks for your kind comments. I figured I couldn’t let you have all the fun. And I’ll take your advice and pace myself. In fact, I believe that advice is printed on my Golden Buckeye card, along with this statement: “Your Pass to Discounts & Activities. Link to Elder Caregiver & Aging Services.” Ugh. Maybe seven miles tomorrow morning.


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