Why I don’t trust marketing: Part II

Relax! I’m not gonna say another word on the topic that sparked such a lively thread this past week. But since 4 other bloggers were moved to write about the post, I figured I’d point you in their direction.

The fact that other bloggers are writing about MY post is either very cool, or further evidence that bloggers have no lives. Decide for yourself.8238783_069643f7ab_m.jpg

Rich Becker’s post is insightful and well-written, like everything he does. And it includes a spirited exchange with the Geoffster.

photo.jpgGeoff Livingston goes a few rounds with Rich, then does his own post. He morphs the discussion into an “identity crisis” for PR, and he includes a quote from me to sum it up. I’m flattered, but I guess I’m on Geoff’s shit list, as he didn’t include my last name or a link to the original post. No offense taken, Geoff. I’ve been an outcast since high school.

august-2007.jpgBob Batchelor, PR prof at U of South Florida, brings his academic and professional knowledge to bear in his post about the post. Smart guy, Bob, and he’s both a Kent State grad (M.A.) and a Steelers fan. That, in my book is approaching perfection. Here is your final test: How do you feel about the designated hitter rule?

Jason Falls also offers a balanced view on the PR-marketing debate, but more from the marketer’s perspective. He bookers.jpgstrives for a simple view of PR, but I worry that it may be a tad too simple.

Jason does some innovative work in social media that you can read about at his blog, “Social Media Explorer.” But I like him mostly because his agency, Doe Anderson, represents Jim Beam’s boutique bourbon lines. If my friends are listening, a bottle of Booker’s would be great under the Christmas tree. (Sorry, J, but I only had room for one picture. I know you’ll understand!)

While Heather Yaxley didn’t write about my post at her blog, she did chime in with the most perceptive comments of all. Also, her post at PR Conversations includes more insight (IMHO) than all of our nattering combined. Thanks to Judy Gombita for the reminder, as this post goes back to August.

Finally, speaking of reminders, my son Chris walked in while I was starting this post, and it reminded me of a comment about blogging that he made on his first and possibly his only post:

“See how quickly the echo chamber starts to suck you in?

Blogs are wonderful conversations, indeed. But let’s keep it in perspective — all of it.

3 Responses to Why I don’t trust marketing: Part II

  1. Doh! Sorry, Bill. Just Slammed with my actual day job, so I haven’t tidied up. To prove my good intentions, I’ll add you to the blog roll this weekend.

  2. Jason Falls says:

    Bill, a bottle of Booker’s is infinitely more attractive than me. Good choice.

    As for my PR perspective, I can certainly see your points. Simple is better in my mind. And keep in mind, I come from a PR background tainted with marketing, not the other way around.

    Great conversation! Thanks for including me.

  3. Rich says:

    Thanks for the round up and kind words Bill. I have growing admiration for what you teach your students. If they don’t know it, you’re teaching them to think. And that makes all the difference.

    I don’t have a Yogi quote for you, but the discussion does remind me of a line from a little known alternative singer that has a Bob Dylan feel … “If you put me in a box, make sure it’s a big box, one with lots of windows.” His name is Dan Bern.


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