I’m blogging “up north” this week, then headed south

Hope you check out my guest post at PR Conversations today. It raises some questions about measuring the “real” ROI of social media. And believe me, it’s all about the questions, as I don’t think any of us has the answers just yet.

Invitation for the guest post came from Judy Gombita, who blogs with 11 others at PRC. The blogs presents an international perspective on the biz, something we don’t see enough of in the U.S. blog bubble. The “up north” reference is for Judy, who makes her home in Toronto. I’m honored by the invitation. Thanks.

header.jpgCome Friday I head south to Nashville where I’ll be perfecting the fine art of bar hopping and talent scouting in the many honky-tonks along Broadway. Best place to find me is upstairs at Tootsie’s.

I’ll watch for y’all, OK? But if you can’t make it, rest assured that I’ll have a cool one for you.


3 Responses to I’m blogging “up north” this week, then headed south

  1. gary says:

    Have fun and a cool one for me too 🙂

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    I’ll have more than one, Gary.

  3. somesangs says:

    You’re going to my second home this weekend…I’m incredibly jealous!

    I should send my sister out to hang with the old prof…though her 7 months of pregnancy are weighing (literally and figuratively) on her. 🙂

    Make sure to sign the bathroom at Tootsie’s…and you will get a KICK out of Layla’s Hillbilly Bar on Broadway…a dirty little place with incredible hillbilly rock. There’s also Robert’s on Broadway for some two-stepping…I know you love to two-step. There’s a youtube video waiting to happen!

    $10 if you discover a way to smuggle me some Jack’s barbeque…

    Have a great trip.

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