I’m back, and nearly speechless

Returned Sunday from points north, but be forewarned, I’m NOT all the way back. Lake Superior keeps a part of you every time you visit. It’s her way. For 10 days, we connected with things natural, including these two ballibrary-1037.jpgd eagles perched unassumingly above my wife’s head. We learned that the eagle is thriving and we learned that flat-water paddling on Lake Superior is anything but flat. We met the headwinds, and we beat them.

I learned that sleeping on the ground and going without running water still sucks. But that’s the price you pay to live in the back country of Gichigami. It’s a bargain. Really. Call our outfitter if you’re interested.

Superior is also a place for sunsets. You’ll find a dozen or more of them on my Flickr page. I’ve also included a photo fantasy on my Facebook page, but it’s open only to “friends.” If you’re wondering about that beautiful lady who’s in all those pictures, I can’t really say what she sees in me, either. And I don’t ask.

My post of August 8, the one about my impending divorce from PRSA, caused a minor stir and triggered some solid readership numbers in my absence. Jack O’Dwyer wrote about it, and I got a few contacts from national PRSA leaders. But more than anything, I received emails from folks who understood my frustration — not just with PRSA, but with all professional groups and their seeming inability to serve senior practitioners. It’s an old saw, so I won’t be saying much more about it.

library-1047.jpgFor the Kent State faithful, rest assured that our commitment to PRSA and PRSSA remains. Me? I’m going to try some other things. It’s time.

For the next two weeks I’ll be settling into my new offices in Franklin Hall, the shiny new home of Kent State’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication. We’re moving now — about 3 weeks before we really should. I don’t have a desk yet, but, hey, it’s a virtual world. Use something digital. You’ll find me. Just Google “toughsledding.”


4 Responses to I’m back, and nearly speechless

  1. Taylor Wessels says:

    What will come of Taylor Hall, that masterpiece of concrete where I spent a disproportionate amount of my childhood? I feel like I still know my way around that building (every maze-like shortcut to the parking lot, every musty seminar room) as well as any JMC major. May 4th museum, maybe?

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    Taylor Hall has meaning for a lot of folks who attended class there — even those who attended classes with their moms. Wow! Truth is, it was simply an awful facility for teaching, which is being inherited by the Speech Communication folks. Part of the plan for Taylor Hall does include a May 4 Information Center, which will occupy space recently vacated by our dean’s office. A May 4 facility — right at the site of the shootings — has been a long time coming, but it’ll be interesting to see who staffs it and who pays for it. May 4 is a big part of the Kent State legacy, but no one wants to put money into it.

  3. Allison says:

    I’m so jealous. I wish I was that close to Starbucks when I was a student there!

  4. Stacy Wessels says:

    Taylor Hall was my first real home in Ohio. As someone who attended classes there and who taught there, you’re absolutely right about its limitations. I’m sure I will see the new JMC digs at some point, but I will miss Taylor Hall, its place in my history, its place in my son’s history and its place in Kent State’s history.

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