Getting the words outta my face, and other musings…

Since launching this site last September, I’ve had type on my face — you know — in the blog header. The basic WordPress template won’t let me off-center the name and tag, and I’m too cheap to buy the upgrade.

tsheader.jpgThanks to my son Todd, a graphic designer at a NE Ohio ad agency, the type has moved right and turned a forest green to match those Minnesota hardwoods behind my head. A geek would have figured how to do this alone. But hey, I have an artist in the family. Thanks, bud!


Staying on the family theme, my younger son, Chris, and the 6-man TransArctic Expedition team, has crossed the Arctic Circle 6 weeks after departing Great Slave Lake. They celebrated by paddling backward across the imaginary line. Ain’t GPS amazing? Not to mention satellite phones!

transarctic.jpgThe men are on the Back River less than 50 miles from Chantrey Inlet on the Arctic Ocean, and journey’s end. Last week, Chris landed a 40-lb. lake trout, which I suspect fed the troops for several days. Can’t wait to see the photos. If he puts them on Flickr, I’ll send you the link.


Obsessing over Facebook? About half of my acquaintances in the PR biz and the blogosphere are going nuts on Facebook. They’re exploring the online social network and pondering how it can advance their needs and the needs of their clients. Worthy research to be sure.

facebook.jpgI’ve been hanging at FB for a good long time, so I’m having trouble getting excited, despite this newfound interest in the site. In fact, I just ratcheted up my privacy settings to the highest level so all these crazy PR types don’t try to stalk me!

Seriously, though, I’ve not had time to play with FB’s many new apps. Nor have I investigated the professional groups cropping up since the grown-ups moved in. If you know of any FB groups this old PR warrior should join, post a comment or send an email. Friend invitations are welcome.


2 Responses to Getting the words outta my face, and other musings…

  1. Stacy Wessels says:

    Glad Todd could help you out. Only problem, I see a plain blue banner with no face, with or without words on it.

  2. Bill Sledzik says:

    Hmm. That’s not what I see. Your Mac must have glaucoma. But you know, there’s a very cool treatment for that. I’ll check into things.

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