Welcome to the blogosphere, Andy Curran

My long-time pal and colleague, Andy Curran, has officially arrived in the blogosphere with his site, MediaTide. It’s housed here at WordPress.

andrew.jpgAndy was moved to start his blog after watching the role of Web 2.0 in reporting news of the Virginia Tech tragedies. But it was the announced shutdown of his local newspaper, the Cincinnati Post, that proved to be the triggering event for this “old media guy.” But I’ll let him tell you the rest.

Andy and I met 35 years ago while students at one of our nation’s great party academies. We’ve managed to stay good friends all these years, a task made easier when he married my wife’s sister. I mean, what choice do we have? Andy is associate professor in computer information systems at Cincinnati-Clermont College.

Please take a minute to drop by MediaTide and welcome Andy to the blogosphere. Post a comment, offer ideas, or just give him grief. He deserves it.


TransArctic Expedition Update: If you’ve tried to follow my son’s progress on the TransArctic Expedition, you’ve been stymied by a website glitch (though you can sneak into the site through the backdoor).

transarctic.jpgWe talked last night with Brenda Harrison, wife of the expedition’s leader. She spoke to Jeremy just a few days ago via satellite phone.

Seems the men are well ahead of schedule and paddling north on the little-explored Morse River. They should reach Garry Lake in a few days. They’ll cross Garry west to east, then connect to the frigid Back River for the final leg to Chantrey Inlet, on the Arctic Ocean. If all goes well, they’ll arrive August 7, give or take a day, then catch a bush plane back to Yellowknife, NWT.

Two weeks back I told you about the group skidding their loaded canoes across 75 miles of Arctic ice. Last week they traveled upstream on a tributary flag.jpgof the Thelon River, then made the grueling portage to the Morse — 10 trips in all to move boats and gear. Good news is, they have plenty of food and are eating well. Seems the lake trout are practically jumping into the boats.

Something tells me these boys are gonna need a beer when they get back. Too bad 3 of the 6 are underage, eh? I’ll ask the same question I did last time: What are you doing this summer?


3 Responses to Welcome to the blogosphere, Andy Curran

  1. Breeze says:

    I’ll ask the same question I did last time: What are you doing this summer?

    Reading blogs, obviously…

  2. Andy Curran says:

    Auntie Em…We’re not on the Clarion anymore!

    And, thanks for the props!

  3. Andy Curran says:

    I meant Toto.

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