ToughSledding’s Holiday Was Way Too Short


I warned you I was taking two weeks off. This picture might explain why. It’s the view from our cabin at Ti Kaye Village in St. Lucia — a place I’d recommend for anyone seeking a romantic getaway. I don’t know much about romance, but I know a great beach resort when I see one! And the local beer is to die for.


If you’ve ever run your own business, you know it doesn’t come with paid vacation. My job does — lots of it. And for the last two weeks I’ve been using some of it. It feels good. But in the process I’ve been neglecting my “customers.”

Blogging is a lot like a business, but without the profits. You have these customers who show up when you have something new and interesting to opiton.jpgffer. Some even come to count on you. And when you don’t post, most don’t drop by — thanks in part to RSS.

So as I snagged a nasty sunburn and drank way to many Piton lagers last week, my readership also took a holiday. There was no reason for you to stay connected, and I’m frankly surprised that I over 600 folks did drop by over the 12 days I was gone.

But as I said a few weeks back, it just doesn’t matter. I’m not about to let this blog drive me insane, and thanks to Ti Kaye Village, I have a better perspective than I did a few weeks back. Even thought a few times about giving up the blog altogether. Musta been the West Indian sun workin’ on my brain.

pitonportrait.jpgI return from a week in St. Lucia refreshed and reconnected. My bride and I discovered that we still kinda like each other, too. I plan to chill for another week, but since I’m back home I’ll more than likely be blogging about something.

A week away helps renew the soul, but nothing much changes just because you checked out. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and I’m reminded that our young men and women in uniform are still dying as part of their duty to country. While I have my own opinions on this war, I’ll express them in the voting booth. But you can’t help but marvel at the public relations nightmare this was has created for the president and his administration. Oh, hindsight, eh?

Death made news elsewhere this weekend as we learned that Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian, will be released from prison next week after serving 8 years for helping a patient off himself. Dr. K is the wrong spokesperson for this issue, but his emergence from the stir reminds me that we still need to have this discussion — the discussion about the duty to die when our time comes. The issue has no PR champion right now, and perhaps it should.

Just so you don’t think I’m hung up on death this weekend, I’m also thinking about all the positive PR our nation could spread around the islandlush.jpgworld if we spent less time blogging and more time vacationing on foreign shores — spending our hard-earned U.S. dollars on important things — like this “Hummingbird” rum slush whipped up by Pilgrim — bartender extraordinaire at Ti Kaye Village.

So let’s all commit to spreading the goodwill message from the good old U-S of A. Take a holiday. Spend lots of Yankee green. Share the love, man.

Note: I edited this post significantly, as it was published in error earlier today — before I’d even completed the draft.


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  1. Matt Smith says:

    Bill, I must commend you, for you are a better man than I. With views like that, I think I would have left the gig in Ohio for views like that! Glad you enjoyed your vacation, as it is well-deserved.

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