Pucker up folks! May 5th is ‘National Make-Out Day’

Get ready for a community lip lock, kids. May 5 is “National Make-Out Day,” so we’ll be swapping spit across the land, no doubt adding a new dimension to Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Haven’t heard about National Make-Out Day? Then you need to associate with a better class of “friends” on Facebook. Two of my FB pals joined the group a few weeks back, and I expected more to follow after this post. But alas, someone wised up and took this fun little group offline. The killjoys! (“Make Out Day” lives.¬† See “update at the end of this post.)

makeout-copy.jpgNo, my friends who joined the group aren’t the pair disguised in this “official event photo” from the site. I suspect these two were operating on a dare from six horny college boys after a Beer Pong marathon. What were they thinking when they struck this pose? That’s a question I ask nearly every time I open Facebook.

I’ve written critically about FB twice before (here and here). And in the classroom, I’ve cautioned students about the long-term consequences such “exposure” might have. This picture ain’t goin’ away, even though the “group” has disappeared. I suspect these two already regret their indiscretion — even if they don’t remember it. (And before you call me a homophobe, please note those meaty male paws directing this little fantasy.)

Facebook is a fun site for the college set. But you don’t have to post your fun before 20 million voyeurs — of which I guess I’m one in this case. Freewheeling Facebook images are time bombs that can threaten your reputation and your career. Yeah, I know it sucks, but you know I’m right.

facebooklogo.pngSince Facebook added tighter privacy settings, dirty old men can browse only the pages of friends — unless, of course, you leave the gate open. And many of you do. But privacy settings or not, many outside your network can still read “wall postings” and tagged photos put up by friends of friends. And let’s face it, if I can see this stuff, so can future employers and others who might be running impromptu character checks on you. They do that.

If you’re a student with a Facebook page, think about cleaning up your online act today. If you’re an old fart like me, but you know someone with a Facebook page, give ’em the old hippy chant from ’68: The whole world’s watching! The whole world’s watching!

It’s still OK to get silly drunk and do crazy and embarrassing things. That’s part of being in college, or at least it was when I was there. Just keep it off the Internet.

And finally, here’s hoping we all get lucky on National Make-Out Day, even if it’s not on Facebook anymore. Woohoo!

Update! National Make Out Day is alive and well, not as a “group,” but an “event.” It’s up to nearly 175,000 attendees and has nearly 10,000 wall posts. “Make Out” no longer turns up on FB searches, shielded from “public” view by administrators — or so it seems. But I’m in, thanks to an invitation from a Facebook friend.

Like to join the big smooch on May 5? Send me an email and I’ll send you an invitation to this glorious event, which includes access to a very festive page.

Oh, yeah. You old farts will need a Facebook account.

8 Responses to Pucker up folks! May 5th is ‘National Make-Out Day’

  1. Taylor Wessels says:

    Interesting take on a holiday that could soon join the ranks of created celebrations like Flag Day and Secretaries’ Day. I am celebrating the day, and have proudly announced it on facebook, remembering that my profile is private to any potential future employers or campers of the numerous YMCA camps I’ve worked at. Of course, a really thorough facebook voyeur would notice that National Make-Out Day falls, conveniently, on my devoted girlfriend’s birthday — the irony was too good to pass up.

  2. Andy Curran says:

    It is more difficult to keep your private life to yourself. With the proliferation of cell phone cameras and palm-sized digital cameras, anyone can take your picture and post it online without you knowing it.

    On Bourbon Street, when women flash their boobs for beads, cameras start flashing (no pun intended, really). There is nothing that can be done to stop it.

    Be careful, kiddies, and watch how you act.

  3. Matt Smith says:

    Bill, I never took you as a a kind of guy who’d support “National Make Out Day”! Hell, what do I know? I’m going to have to add you to my Facebook friends. If you don’t befriend me, I’ll be severely disappointed.

    You seem to be one cool professor! Now, if you could only find your way to George Mason University, you’d go over well there, I’m sure. Have a good weekend.

  4. Bill Sledzik says:


    The only way to get a clear view of this make-out movement that’s corrupting our youth — not to mention contaminating their saliva — is to be on the inside. So I joined the 175,000 others already on board. I’ll let you know what more I learn once I’m inside. So far it looks a lot like a hippy love fest, but without the freaks and the tie-dyed shirts. You know what else is funny? These kids use bongs to guzzle beer! What’s up with that?

  5. Matt Smith says:

    The beer bong–generally–isn’t the same thing as the bong you’re thinking of. The beer bong is a large draining cylinder which has a rubber tube attached to the bottom of it. It’s used to consume a can or two of booze quickly.

    Surprisingly, you’ll find 40 year olds guzzling booze out of a beer bong at Jimmy Buffett concert! At 26, I’m amazed with the new drinking games, devices, etc.

    At least you’re curious…and with that the most important aspect of staying young (even though you and I aren’t 18 year old Freshmen).

  6. Judy Gombita says:

    Matt, are you referring to a “yard of ale” drinking glass?


    When I was in university, I was a proud, card-carrying member of the Yard of Ale Club out of London, Ontario. (Mind you, I only drank one “yard of ale” in my lifetime…but it was enough to earn a card.)

    I wonder if there is a Facebook Yard of Ale Club…..

  7. Matt Smith says:

    Nope, it’s not a yard of ale glass. See picture below:

    Hope that helps!


  8. Judy Gombita says:

    Thanks for the link to the pictorial depiction, Matt, although I have to say that I don’t have a clue as to its purpose.

    A yard of ale contains the equivalent (if I recall correctly) of about four or five bottles of beer. To get the card, you had to drink the yard in one continuous action (hence the reason I’ve only ever imbibed one yard in my life).

    Given that beer is liquid, what do you do with a beer bong?!

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