PR blogs are growing, and Kent State’s Heather Bing is on the list!

Kudos to PRKent senior Heather Bing, whose Experience PR site made Constantin Basturea‘s list of new PR blogs. It ain’t the A List yet, kiddo, but you’re on your way!

Heather’s blog grew from an assignment in our PR Online Tactics class, taught by Professor Michele Ewing. Heather says her blog focuses on applying heatherii.jpg“bookish knowledge to the real world,” which is exactly what we do in the Kent State PR program. Her blog is the only one of 12 in the class to gather enough Google Juice to make Constantin’s list. I could send him links to the other 11, but I’d rather see them earn it.

Heather knows a bit about the real world. She’s visited 20 countries in the last 3 years, including a semester studying in Ireland. This shot is from her spring break trip to China two weeks ago. She’s done 2 internships and is headed for a third and final one this summer. Her GPA is in the stratosphere, but that’s no surprise.

Anyway, since I taught some of the social-media elements in this class, I’m feeling like a proud papa today as we celebrate Heather’s recognition. But I also know that the “baby” was carried to term by Michele, and that she endured the labor of birthing this new class. You’ll understand our quasi-parental pride once you visit Heather’s blog and learn more about this exceptional young professional.

Let me add that students in our PR Online course are introduced to the New PR Wiki on the very first day of class. It’s no coincidence that the site is the brainchild of Constantin Basturea, whose contributions to PR and social media are well known and much appreciated.

Although Constantin lists 674 PR blogs, it’s still a pretty small world. Consider that Heather’s blog attracted its first link from Aussie social-media ambassador Paull Young, who was at the time on his Social Media World Tour. Paull has since joined Converseon, a social-media firm in NYC and the same firm where Constantin serves as director of new media strategies.

Yep, there are 674 important people in the PR blogosphere, and thanks to Constantin, we all know each other — or we will in time!

Is this cool or what?


6 Responses to PR blogs are growing, and Kent State’s Heather Bing is on the list!

  1. Heather Bing says:

    Professor Sledzik,
    Thank you for the kudos! One of the best parts about PRKent is that professors take such interest in individual students’ professional development, and I attribute my successes, with the blog and everything else, to that as much as any effort on my part. Thank you for all of your support and advice. I hope I continue to make PRKent proud!!

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  4. I think this is great! I am a PR student as well. I love blogging, honestly. It is so nerdy to say! I feel that it is a wonderful way to make connections and build networking. It is also a great way to make yourself go out into the online world and read other blogs, articles, and videos about PR to blog about on your own blog. It really makes you more aware of how people are dealing with issues in PR and what is going on in the professional world. I wish that our PR writing class engaged in the PR Wiki more. Professor Nixon should really look into that. We worked a lot with Twitter and I believe that was helpful to show everyone how it really should be used. This is an inspiring post! Congratulations, Heather Bing!

    • Bill Sledzik says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Lauryn. And you’ll be happy to know that Heather has gone on to a very successful career at a growing PR firm.

      We stress social media a lot in our classes here. But there comes a time when you have to rein it in. There’s only so much time for engaging, and regardless of what the 2.0 “true believers” would like us to think, social media are only one part of PR practice. I still spend a lot of time focused on critical thinking and clear writing. These remain the core skills that will carry you to success in PR. Social media is just one place we use those skills.

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