Is Strumpette seeking a more civil tone?

The arrival of Shel Holtz as a guest blogger for Strumpette would seem to signal a new approach for the gang that created PR sex kitten Amanda Chapel. holtz.jpg

A mellowing, perhaps? I hope not.

Although I’m a big fan of Shel’s, and read his blog regularly, I worry that he’s — well — way too civil for Strumpette, or at least too civil for the Strumpette of old.

I sense a disturbance in the Force. Just last week Strumpette offered mea culpas to Jeff Jarvis, often the target of Amanda’s slings and arrows. What’s next, a bouquet of roses for Steve Rubel? Not sure I can handle this all in one week.

I consider Shel the best all-around blogger in tstrumpette2.jpghe PR biz. And despite what Stowe Boyd said about him, Shel very much “gets it.” Hey, the guy was writing books about online PR when most of us were still adjusting to email.

Still, I worry that the addition of such a serious voice will change forever the slash-and-burn commentary that makes Strumpette such fun comic relief. (But you know, in light of today’s lampooning of Phil Gomes, maybe I’m over-reacting.)

There’s little doubt that Shel Holtz will elevate the conversation on Strumpette. I guess that’s what worries me.

Welcome, Shel. But don’t mess with my lady.


3 Responses to Is Strumpette seeking a more civil tone?

  1. Shel Holtz says:

    Don’t worry, Bill. It was your lady who invited me to the game! But my role is to critique, from the PR practitioner perspective, what Amanda has written, so I’ll definitely have something to say about the Phil Gomes piece. It may well be the test, after only two submissions, of whether I can really say what I think!

  2. I think I will pretend this isn’t happening. And to think I had a chance to do a joint podcast with the Lincoln-Fry.

  3. paul says:

    The fact that Amanda asked Shel to contribute is what public relations is all about.
    The fact that Shel agreed to contribute is what public relations is all about.

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