Good news! Some dead guys are smiling!

I’m setting the blog aside for the next 6-7 days as I complete a research paper on blog use and monitoring — the one I talked about in this post. It’s due Feb. 15.

While 9 days sounds like an eternity, I also must teach classes, advise students, attend committee meetings and, you know, be academic.

Before I leave, let me share some good news that has the PR spirits smiling on us all today. Will you celebrate with me?

mooninite2.jpgTurner Broadcasting has settled up with Boston and with Homeland Security, offering $2 million for the problems their little stunt caused in Beantown last week. They reaped way more than 2 mil in publicity. And though I don’t think they intended to turn Boston on its ear, you know what they say about good intentions.

So let’s get our stories straight. It’s the “marketing” bozos who are to blame, not the PR people. P. T. Barnum is smiling from on high.

teddy_roosevelt.gifThe U. S. National Park Service will get an extra $2.4 billion in next year’s budget — a shocker when you consider the pile of dough we’re spending in Iraq. While I’m a gun-toting moderate in political terms, I’m also a shameless treehugger who loves the NPS. Teddy Roosevelt (another treehugging gun nut and also a PR master) is smiling from on high.

Schools (K-12) are closed for the second day here in N.E. Ohio. Officials say -20F windchill is dangerous. I say they’re a bunch of wimps. But I loved snow days as a kid, and I’m happy our youth didn’t go a winter without one.

Despite the cold, Kent State remains open for business. You gotta be tough to be a Gojacklthumbnail.jpglden Flash. Jack Lambert, the toughest Flash who ever lived, is smiling from his farm in Western Pa. Unlike the other legends I cite here, Jack is very much alive — and he always will be in hearts of Steeler fans.

Speaking of Kent State, students in Michele Ewing‘s Public Relations Online class will be setting up their blogs tomorrow. And I’ll be showing them patjackson.jpgthe way. Scary, huh?

We’ve decided it’s not enough to just study blogging. To understand it, you must experience it. Pat Jackson is smiling. He would’ve loved these “conversations.”

To set aside ToughSledding, even for 6 or 7 days, isn’t easy for this compulsive blogger. If I get the joneses I’ll read Holtz.


8 Responses to Good news! Some dead guys are smiling!

  1. Brian Wooley says:

    If Turner reaped more than $2M in publicity from the ATHF incident in Boston, how was it “guerrilla marketing gone wrong”?

  2. Brian,

    If you accept “right vs wrong” as a central theme in ethics, then it follows that Turner’s campaign was “wrong.” Test it under any ethics problem-solving model (with the possible exception of egoism) and you’ll see the flaws.

    But it’s not the first time corporate America profited from unethical behavior, is it? It’s kinda become the standard. Hmmm. Will that make it right to be wrong?

  3. ashley moore says:

    Amen! Jack Lambert is the thoughest flash that ever was! That man is and always will be my favorite football player that ever existed. GO STEELERS!

  4. Atin Kumar says:

    My name is Atin and I am student of Les Potter. Prof. Potter speaks very highly of you and your blog. Monday we discussed the “guerrila marketing tactics” of Turner. To the best of your knowledge, has Turner revealed their true intentions of promoting a 15 minute show that airs at midnight and is marketed to college kids and the unemployed. Anyway’s just wondering.

  5. Hi, Atin. And thanks for dropping by. All Turner has revealed about its intentions — at least in this case — is that it never intended to create such chaos in Boston. I don’t know much about the show. Maybe because I’m so seldom awake at midnight!

  6. Todd says:

    …and to think Bud Lite spent ~2.6mil per 30sec. spot to advertise during a football game.

  7. Todd,

    We’ve been discussing in my classes the relative value of Super Bowl ads vs. the more under-the-radar techniques. Seems the effective TV spots are those that generate controversy/buzz in mainstream media. No matter what you want to say about the greasemonkeys kissing over a Snickers bar — or suicidal robots in an Chevy plant — everyone is talking about it these spots along with their sponsors. Is anyone talking about Bud Lite?

  8. Andy Curran says:

    Observed on at 2:52 pm EST:

    NEWS ALERT: The head of Cartoon Network, Jim Samples, has submitted his resignation in the wake of the Boston bomb scare sparked by an advertising campaign.

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