YouTube clip shows Kodak’s sense of humor while it delivers key messages

winds.jpgJust when you think the corporate stiffs have their shorts wound way too tight, one of them surprises you. It’ll take you less than 4 minutes to watch this clip from Kodak — a case study in how big organizations are connecting via YouTube — and entertaining us in the process.

The description says “Winds of Change” was created to help motivate the troops inside Kodak. But it was such a hit in-house that they opted to release it to the world. So far it’s drawn almost 160kodak.jpg,000 views.

The actor in this video is reminiscent of the Howard Beale character in the 1976 film, Network. He’s funny and outrageous. But the message comes through loud and clear, even as you chuckle. Count me among those who perceived Kodak as a corporate behemoth that lacked the creativity and adroitness to compete in a digital world. Remember, these are the same folks who gave us the disc camera back in ’82!genny.jpg

Kodak’s video changed my perspective, telling me a whole lot about the company’s recent innovations — and maybe just a little about its changing corporate attitude. I watched. I enjoyed. Now I pass it along. Viva viral marketing!

The clip also tells me that at least some of the suits sitting around executive row in Rochester have loosened up. And it is high time! Whataya say we all celebrate with another famous Rochester brand? Let’s grab a 6-pack of Genny Cream.

Finally, a special thanks to my online maven and Kent grad, Dino Baskovic, for sending this link in an email titled: “Blog Post?” You don’t think I find all this crap on my own, do you?


4 Responses to YouTube clip shows Kodak’s sense of humor while it delivers key messages

  1. Dino Baskovic says:

    Eat your heart out, Breeze. I beat you to the punch.

  2. Thanks for the shout out to Rochester. However, any Rochesterian will tell you hat Genny Light is the way to go!

  3. Julie,

    Just wanted to give the post some local “flavor.” But truth be known, I can’t drink that Genny stuff, let along a watered-down version. That’s saying a lot given that I spent a decade in Buffalo pounding down OV! How ’bout them Sabre’s, eh?

  4. Comments posted on other sites about wether this is the original video or not

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