Is “daylife” tomorrow’s mainstream medium?

daylife.gifTo say I’m intrigued by daylife’s beta site is an understatement. This may not be the ideal way to package news for an online world, but it’s a step in the right direction. Spent an hour on it today, losing myself in the endless story “connections” that make the site an adventure. But those connections also make daylife a place where I can dig into a story and explore its many angles.

wii.jpgBefore you explore daylife, start by reading Jeff Jarvis’ explanation of the concept. Then link from his blog to daylife. If that’s too many steps for you, then just go direct, but be sure to start with the “covers” tab to see how daylife packages the big stories.

I learned about DayLife last week on Buzz Machine, as Jarvis himself is working on the project. Most folks in media circles consider Jarvis a “must read” blogger. Those who don’t, I worry, are still seeking ways to bring back the Sunday Roto section. I include this plug for Buzz Machine mostly for my students, who may not yet have Jarvis on the aggregator. Required reading, guys. Do it.


One Response to Is “daylife” tomorrow’s mainstream medium?

  1. Tom Tercek says:

    Thanks for the support Bill, and glad you like what you see so far.
    Daylife’s real power is in the platform, and it’s ability to help publisher’s of all sizes provide more context to their journalism. Our goal is to develop API toolkits (to be distributed freely) which will help spread news in new ways, all over the web.

    As for, keep an eye on it. We’ll be rolling out more features soon.

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