Disney’s social network will lure kids, but will it also cause PR headaches?

mickey_corporate.jpgDisney plans to use online social networking to build brand, according to Online Media Daily. But the program isn’t without risk, since it’s designed to attract kids to the new online world inhabited by, well, who knows?

According to the story, the site will “incorporate parental controls — a feature that might ultimately backfire on Disney” as it needs to balance the kids’ creative freedom with the parents’ need to contain that freedom. You can bet Disney has done careful “worst case” analysis on the concept, but it still carries risk. If you or anyone you know is involved in marketing to the pre-teen gang, watch this story closely.

As PR professionals, few of us ever experience Disney-like budgets. But I’d love to hear how your clients and employers are creating social networks — or tapping into existing ones — to meet strategic goals. Drop me a note or comment.


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