Confessions of a compulsive blogger

compulsive-blogger.jpgIf you’ve followed this blogging experiment since its launch in September, you know about my compulsive behavior.

Early on, ideas for posts would awaken me in the early morning hours, and I would answer that call. Those urges passed as my semester became more intense, but they’ve returned now that final grades are posted. This won’t surprise anyone who knows me. I’m compulsive about so many things.

I’m compulsive about page views. It shouldn’t matter how many readers visit this site each day. Blogging is about passion, not numbers. It’s NOT a contest. I can blog until the day I die and I’ll never catch Rubel. Still, not a day goes by that I don’t check the stats.

And here’s another confession: I sometimes send promotional emails to the ever-faithful “PRKent” alumni newwork, luring them to this site. I love to watch the “visits” graph spike. It’s so cool. But I do hope they like what they see here.

I’m compulsive about rankings. Hell, I’m barely into Technorati’s top 200,000. But I call up the numbers several times a week, and I take it personally when they drop. When this compulsion began, I was barely in the top one million. So, can you empathize with the buzz I get from jumping 700,000 spots in three months? Probably not, huh?

I’m also compulsive about attracting links — links from other blogs, that is. But I’m not very good at it. Often, as I craft a post, I work to lure other bloggers into linking to me. (Technorati rankings are based on that “link” number.) What I should do is spend more time reading other blogs and posting intelligent comments.

I’m compulsive about tracking referrals. I’m happy to have been listed on the top 100 “Growing Blogs” on WordPress — all the way to No. 5 last week, sandwiched between Angry Aussie and some computer geek! When I see a referral from that list come in, I get a cheap thrill, even though very few of those folks are interested in public relations.

So as we head into the holiday season, maybe I need a trip to blogging rehab center — you know, to unplug. Todd Defren, one of PR’s outstanding bloggers, said yesterday that he was going “dark” for the rest of the year, to recharge. I posted a comment wishing him well, but what I wanted to say was, “Todd, don’t leave us, man!”

Compulsive bloggers don’t take holidays. I know I won’t. But you should. I promise not to post anything of substance here until after the new year — beginning with this post.

Enjoy your holiday! I’ll be right here.


One Response to Confessions of a compulsive blogger

  1. Tara says:

    enjoy the break, I’m the same way with my personal blog and now I’m busy working on my office one as well. Thanks for the link!

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