Trump proves again he’s the master of spin

taraconner.jpgIt was classic Donald Trump. And it had all the elements that our mainstream media love: sex, drugs, alcohol and a stunning blonde. This is more than news, folks, it’s theater.

I just finished watching the press conference on CNN in which the Donald has given Miss USA Tara Conner a “second chance” to rebound from her “fast life” in New York City. Conner has admitted to underage drinking, but she’s taking the “no comment” route on allegations of drug use and “sexual escapades.” By six this evening, you’ll all know the details, so I won’t bother including them here.

donald_trump_150.JPGWhat’s most impressive about the Donald is his ability to marshall a worldwide media audience at the drop of a hat. Having sex, drugs and a beauty queen as story elements doesn’t hurt. But let’s face it, the guy’s a master.

What’s pathetic is how quickly the mainstream media drop everything to lead with these celebrity stories. Hell, maybe they’re just giving us what we want. I mean, I was watching at 11 a.m. And note that I didn’t choose to run Trump’s photo in the dominant position with this post. I know what sells.

Make of it what you will, but tip your hat to the Donald. He’s a publicity wizard, but he seems to have a heart. He’s giving this kid a second chance, and I can’t hate the man for that.

4 Responses to Trump proves again he’s the master of spin

  1. Brian Wooley says:

    For a master, he’s got some funky hair…

  2. Jim Maxwell says:

    Yes! Finally, a “real” Miss USA! She sounds like the complete package.

    I love our media. It’s always great to get a meaningless story like this about this 21-year-old beauty queen. Meanwhile, there are 20 year-old women in Iraq serving our country, dodging bullets and mortar attacks, and you barely hear a peep from our media about them and their heroics.

    Go Miss USA!

    Good choice of “above the fold” photographic content Bill! I don’t think anybody wants to see a close-up of the Don and his awesome hairdo.

  3. Cody says:

    I would give her a second chance too!

    Society needs a good female role model and this role model is honest and just plain “normal”. Every person experiments with some sort of deviant behavior when they’re young…why not Miss USA?


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