Time to lighten up & check the Photo Gallery

seacave.jpgJust completed 5 days of grading for my most intense class, so I took a few hours tonight to post some personal photos to a new page of ToughSledding. The Photo Gallery shows you a bit of the Sledzik family travels this year and a bit of our life at Sandy Lake.

Of course, I couldn’t let it go with just pictures. Had to surround them in my long-winded blather.

I posted this new page as a way to share experiences with friends and family we won’t see over the holidays, or maybe even in the new year. But I also hope it’ll help me connect better with readers who don’t know me at all.

Once again I find myself indebted to Shel Israel, the guy whose writings prompted me to start blogging. A few of Shel’s recent posts, this one in particular, but also this one, focus more on life than work — or on blogging. Got me to thinking how nice it is to know a bit about the folks we run across in the blogosphere. So now, if you choose to click the tab, you’ll know a little more about me — for better or worse!

3 Responses to Time to lighten up & check the Photo Gallery

  1. Brian Wooley says:

    “Is there such a thing as short-winded blather?” he asked in an concisely verbose manner.

  2. Ah, but blather is characterized not by it’s longwindedness, but it’s foolishness. You and I know this essay to be long-winded, but I suspect most are content to see it merely as foolish. What I plan to work on now is the fine are of terse blather.

  3. tori says:

    hiiii bill ! mom and dad say hi as well. we just received annual family update and i read that you wanted to hit 10,000 by new years and i wanted to help out. seasons greetings! hope your holidays are warm and mushy. 🙂

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