Snakes on the brain

I hit another snake today while riding my bicycle.

That’s two in as many weeks, but you know that if you’re a regular on green_snake_23570_md.gifthis site. I hit the first one on Sept. 28, and it inspired a clumsy post that brought public relations professionals into a metaphor about roadkill. Hey, we can’t be Hemmingway every day.

Today’s snake, like the first, slithered off into the brush, unhurt. But I can’t help but wonder if someone is sending me a message — perhaps through devine channels. Could the snakes be inspired by those kooky creationists I dissed in my post of Sept. 20? You know, the ones who want to bring the Book of Genesis into apple.gifscience class?

I know I’m being silly. But if another snake crosses my path this month, I’m really gonna worry. Especially if he offers me an apple.


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